Medical-Legal & Psychiatric Nursing Consulting Services, LLC


  • Legal Nurse Consulting services provided to organizations in need of medical and psychiatric records review, interpretation, or translation.
  • Nursing Consulting services and educational presentations dealing with Autism, Psychiatric / Mental Health issues offered to agencies and individuals.

Kathleen is a Registered Nurse with certifications in Legal Nurse Consulting and Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. She also holds certifications and certificates in a variety of therapies and modalities such as TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication Handicapped Children), Basic Sign Language, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, SonRise Option Start Up Program, Reflexology, DAN! Training (biomedical treatments), and more.

Kathleen has 20 years of experience in all phases of healthcare across the lifespan!

  • Wellness Nurse Educator
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse
  • Autism Consultant and Provider of Service
  • Peer Reviewer for the National Institute of Justice
  • Resource and Research Coordinator
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Community Relations Coordinator
  • Disability and Special Education Advocate
  • DAN! Trained Nurse

Management and Private Practice
Home and Community Health
Crisis, Inpatient & State Hospital
Nursing Home & Long Term Care

She has worked with patients and clients of all ages diagnosed with a variety of mental health and medical issues such as depression, dementia, substance abuse, bipolar, autism, PTSD, etc. Her experience also includes working with victims and perpetrators of crimes, domestic violence and elder abuse. She has experience with PFA orders and in due process special education, child custody/support, commitment / competency and guardianship hearings. Kathleen also provides habilitation services and a home educational program for her son who is recovering from autism.

Specialties and Interests:

  • Autism
    Psych and Mental Health (all ages and environments)
    Special Education and Home School
    DAN! Protocol (Biomedical Treatments)
    Domestic Violence and Abuse

“We should acknowledge differences,
We should greet differences,
Until difference makes no difference anymore.”

A. Allen


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