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“Kathy is a unique individual and
possesses all that is best in an employee. She is extremely
knowledgeable, highly sensitive and very responsive to the needs of
individuals under her care. She is zealous in her duties and has
shown great pride in all of her work. She is highly motivated and
professional in all aspects of her life. Her honesty, integrity and
quality of work are above reproach.”

J.R., Attorney

“Her overall management skills and
drive to succeed would make her an asset to any organization…..a
dedicated and committed employee.”

J.C., Hospital CEO

“Kathy collaborated very
effectively with the many psychiatrists, medical physicians,
consultants and the treatment team – the goal being determination of
diagnosis and appropriate placement…discerning the need for
continuing psychiatric intervention or being placed in the criminal
justice system. She consistently displayed leadership qualities. Her
strengths are endless, including strong interpersonal skills,
attention to detail, self directed style, reliability and
flexibility. She is a problem solver with innovative ideas. She has
unlimited energy, and a positive / passionate approach to the causes
she is committed to.”

L.H., RN, BSN Supervisor

She has great insight into patient
difficulties and possesses a wonderful problem solving approach…in a
very professional, courteous and appropriate manner. Her fund of
knowledge is vast. Her understanding of psychiatric and medical
disorders, medications, and general working of an inpatient unit is
tremendous. Her ethics are beyond reproach and her energy is

R.S., Psychiatrist

“I was immediately impressed by her
energy, her ability to relate to people of all kinds, from every
walk of life and her comprehensive knowledge of autism,
developmental disabilities, psychiatric nursing and dozens of other
areas of expertise. She is detail oriented, analytical and able to
extrapolate her experience to benefit others in different
situations, while appreciating the uniqueness of every situation.
Her most impressive skill is her ability to work well with both
adults and children. Her natural enthusiasm and cheerfulness appeals
to children and her intelligence and genuine interest in others
appeals to adults. Her outgoing manner is an ice breaker in tense
situations and even people who disagree with her, like her. This
helps to diffuse the antagonism in situations were polarization
means a child won’t receive the services that he or she needs. She
has developed impressive skills in augmentative and adaptive
communication for children and adults with severe communication

B.G., County MHMR Services

“I consider Kathleen’s greatest
contribution to the community to be her endless dedication to the
children of this area who have no voice……she is the one person who
singlehandedly changed my child’s educational program.”

Parent and District/IU Employee

“I am impressed not only by her
dedication to her own son, but also by the unwavering energy she
puts forth towards researching autism and interventions. She not
only seeks help for her son, but has done everything in her power to
positively influence the understanding of the disorder and the
services available for all autistic individuals in our geographical
area. She has made inroads that I have only dreamed of
accomplishing. She is always compassionate and what appeals to me
the most, is her very high standards and her solid unending work

DC, Psychologist

“The one thing I most admire about her is her energy. She is
tireless. This quality has made her very successful as an advocate.
She is able to organize and prioritize any project that is given to
her. She is able to work well with a team, which is so important in
this day and age.”

KS, Ombudsman Coordinator

“As the Executive Director I meet many people, but Kathy is one of
the most determined people I have ever met. I am inspired by her
positive attitude and persistence in creating awareness and facing
adversity head on.”

PH, ARC Executive Director

“Among the staff she was a strong voice for quality patient care,
and consistency in customer service. She was always direct and
straightforward in her approach, with minimal hesitation in making
her thoughts known. When it came to decision making, however, she
was always a team player regardless of whether the final decision
was one she originally supported or not. Over time I came to rely on
Kathy as the most dependable and perceptive member of the staff. I
viewed her as the single most valuable team member in the program.”

BC, LSW, Supervisor

“Due to her initiative, personality and hard work she almost single
handedly developed our contact referral system. I have witnessed
first hand her dealing with patients both in emergency and clinical
settings. She treats patients and other customers alike with the
respect that is due anyone. She knows how to get things done, is
pleasant, upbeat and enthusiastic. Without doubt, I know you will
find Kathy to be honest, up front and compassionate. She will go the
extra mile for you.”

MP, Medical Staff Administrative Asst.

“Not only does she exhibit the knowledge and compassion of a
well-trained nurse, but also the poise and ability to plan and
execute public presentations, the determination to introduce a new
program and a style that integrates well with other professionals in
her field. It is a pleasure to plan public events with Kathy because
she is open minded to the ideas of others, detail oriented, and
willing to do the sometimes difficult work to make an event
successful. Kathy’s positive and upbeat attitude is infectious and
inspires others.”

NP, Community and Governmental Relations

“I am impressed with her compassion for patients and their families.
After 20 yrs in healthcare, I have only met a few individuals with
Kathy’s qualities and I know that wherever she applies her skills
and personal commitment, the impact will be very positive. She is
skilled enough to deal with the most difficult clinical situations
and she is compassionate enough to deal effectively with mental
health patients and their families. Peers will benefit from her
leadership abilities and from her personal example.”

LD, Hospital CEO

“My son started first grade today!
I appreciate all the information you send to me.  You certainly are
very impressive Kathy – all that you do and what you have been
through up to this point.  I am very proud to know you.  My son is a
very healthy boy and received an award for PERFECT ATTENDANCE last
year.  NO VACCINES BABY!!! HOORAY!!!  Thanks to all the information
I received from you years ago, I feel it helped to keep my little
“sonshine” healthy.  So now, because of you, I was informed about
the vaccine issue.”

DH, Parent of a
neurotypical and very healthy child

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Dunkelberger when she was
researching legislation pertaining to special education and
advocating for autism. I have observed Kathy struggle for
appropriate educational and other services for her son. She has
always demanded to be an equal partner when agencies were deciding
what services were appropriate for her son. Kathy has never lost
sight of her priorities. I clearly remember when she gave up a very
lucrative job because the hours were not conducive to her son’s
emotional and intellectual development.

Even though Ms. Dunkelberger is employed and she home schools her
son she has always lobbied for children with special needs,
specifically children with autism. On several occasions she has
allowed my office to refer parents with special needs children who
were struggling to understand and obtain the appropriate services
for their own children. She educates and guides them in what
sometimes can be a very difficult system to understand. I have
always admired her willingness to help others even though she has
many obstacles of her own.

The characteristic that stands out most about Kathy and what
inspires me about her is her persistence. This above all is her
greatest asset. She always focuses on her goals and never lets
anything deter her. She recognizes that sometimes she has to say and
do things that may challenge the current standards but she knows in
the end it is toward accomplishing something very important to her
and others in the community. Many of her goals take years to
accomplish and it has been my privilege to watch her tackle some
remarkable goals. Kathy is an inspiration to everyone who knows and
meets her.

MP, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives


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