Medical-Legal & Psychiatric Nursing Consulting Services, LLC


Medical-Legal Consulting Services

Areas of Practice:

  • Medical and Nursing Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Negligence
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Product Liability – Pharmaceuticals
  • Toxic Tort – Environment
  • Criminal
    (child, spouse or elder abuse, criminal malpractice,
    possession of narcotics, medicaid / medicare fraud, etc)
  • Family
    (divorce-custody & child support when psychiatric or medical
    issues are involved such as domestic violence, substance abuse,
  • Special Education and Home School
    (diagnosis assistance, symptoms, demystifying behaviors and linking to disability or illness, treatment, medications, least restrictive environment, inclusion, restraints, FC-AAC, abuse-injury, discrimination, goals and programs, vaccine exemption, diet and nutrition, etc)
  • Disability
  • Any case where physical or mental health, illness, disability or injury is an issue


  • Identify, review and interpret medical and psychiatric records for merit
  • Develop brief or comprehensive reports pertaining to the case
  • Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses and experts
  • Identify and locate expert witnesses
  • Conduct medical and psychiatric literature searches
  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the alleged damages, injuries or behaviors
  • Consult / interface with health care providers, therapists, caretakers and educational staff
  • Attend independent medical and/or therapy examinations and when relevant, other meetings and events
  • Prepare a chronology of events or timeline for the case
  • Define the applicable Standards of Care, policies, procedures and guidelines that are relevant to your case
  • Prepare interrogatories
  • Assist with the exhibit preparation
  • Develop and review medical-psychiatric-educational goals and programs for children & adults
  • Identify potential defendants
  • Research and assist with any medical and psychiatric related concerns such as living wills/advanced directives, guardianships / competency, commitments, PFA Orders, etc.
  • Assist you, your staff and your clients by demystifying psychiatric and medical issues

“If you want peace, work
for Justice.”
Pope Paul VI


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